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Precision medicine is transforming the treatment of lung cancer. Here you'll find information and inspiration to help you find the right testing, treatment, and lung cancer clinical trials for you.

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New York Times

Why clinical trials need cancer patients

I have a very rare and aggressive type of skin cancer — Merkel cell carcinoma — for which there is no approved cure, and I’m participating in a clinical trial to deal with it.

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What current treatments are available?

A primer on targeted therapy for lung cancer.

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Why now is the time to get involved in lung cancer research

A conversation with Jennifer King, Director of Science and Research at the Lung Cancer Alliance, on why right now we are in a moment of hope for lung cancer.

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Better Drugs, New Targets and Lower Toxicity in Lung Cancer Treatment

Encouraging Lung Cancer Patients to Enter Clinical Trials

Can Lung Cancer Patients Help Drive Molecular Testing?

Who is eligible and how can I learn more about clinical trials?


How many patients are needed for clinical trials?


Immunotherapy for lung cancer

Cleveland Clinic

10 biggest cancer clinical trial myths busted