You are one of a kind, so is your cancer

Precision medicine is transforming the treatment of lung cancer. Here you'll find information and inspiration to help you connect with the right testing, treatment, and trials for you.

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Precision medicine is the future

The evidence is growing. Detailed information about your tumor can make all the difference in finding the right course of treatment for you. Even if there is no targeted or immunotherapy treatment available for your tumor now, there are many new drugs being developed and tested today that may help you in the future.


What's a biomarker?

Biomarker testing is at the center of personalized medicine. The word "biomarker" refers to any of your body's molecules that can be measured to assess your health.

Lung Cancer Alliance

What is molecular testing?

Molecular testing (also called biomarker testing) looks for biological changes that may be associated with your cancer. In most cases, this involves testing a piece of tissue from the cancer (a biopsy) for changes in the DNA or proteins in cancer cells.

Dana Farber

How is genomic testing paid for?

Will my insurance company pay for genetic testing? The short answer to this question is yes; most likely your insurance company will provide coverage for genetic testing.

ASCO 2017 President: Ongoing Research Advances in Lung Cancer

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